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Olsera support iPhone and iPad


Olsera support Android Smartphone and Tablet


Olsera support Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

From Accessories Shop, Retail, Café to Restaurant

Manage your Point of Sale, runs with barcode scanner for easy input of order, calculate shipping cost right away from your POS.
POS program for Retail
More than usual cash register, you can record item serial number or IMEI on every transaction
POS Program for Café & Restaurant
Olsera software is applicable for your cashier, waiter, even kitchen and bar. Send your transaction to cashier, print receipt to bar and kitchen or show Kitchen Display System to manage orders.
POS Program for Café & Restaurant

An easy to use and affordable sales software

Powerful CRM system supports multi stores

An easy to use and affordable sales software
Accept Payment in Cashier Flexibly

Accept Payment in Cashier Flexibly

Mobile POS with mPOS EDC

Print Receipt or Send it to Your Customer Email right from Olsera POS

Forget about Cash Register, your Cashier Program is now Mobile

Forget about Cash Register, your Cashier Program is now Mobile
A Synchronised Cashier Program with Online Store

A Synchronised Cashier Program with Online Store

A Synchronised Cashier Program with Online Store

Hardwares & Accessories for your Olsera Point of Sale

Printer Epson

TM-m10, TM-P20, TM-P60, TM-P60II, TM-P80, TM-P20II, TM-T70, TM-T70II, TM-T81II, TM-T82, TM-T82II, TM-T83II, TM-T88V, TM-T90II, TM-U220, TM-U330

Printer Star Micronics


Mobile Printer

GPrinter AT-280 (USB/BT/LAN)

Additional Accessories

Cash Drawer, Barcode Scanner (USB/BT), Tablet Stand

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Olsera Customer - Lamoist

Lamoist - Batam

Jhoni, Owner
Harga murah & kualitas oke ditambah lagi dengan terus di support dari Olsera, Interface POS Olsera bagus dan mudah digunakan.
Olsera Customer - Yard Caffe Jakarta

Yard Caffe - Jakarta

James, Owner
With real-time reports that allows us to manage food costing and inventory, we can better manage our cashflow and improve our PROFIT’S
Olsera Customer - New Siang Malam Batam

Kopi Tiam New Siang Malam - Batam

Robert, Owner
Saya memilih POS Olsera karena saya tertarik dengan konsep cloudnya. Hal tersebut membuat saya lebih mudah dalam memonitor penjualan yang dilakukan di NSM dari mana saja dan kapan saja.
Olsera Customer - Mie Pedas Mampus

Mie Pedas Mampus - Batam

Daniel, Owner
Cukup membantu dan bisa mendukung usaha supaya bisa jalan sendiri tanpa terlalu ikut campur lagi. POS juga mudah digunakan.

Point of Sale with Rich Features

All in 1 Solution

Not only software of POS, Olsera connects it to online store and mobile app. It's unified management.

POS program running smoothly on Android, iOS and Windows

.It's the first Point of Sale program in Indonesia ready and optimised for use in Android, iOS and Windows platform altogether. See it yourself by downloading the app now.

Manage from Cloud

Control and manage your product, inventory, sales and report from cloud management, makes your POS sistem can be controlled whenever and wherever you want.

An Online & Offline Sales Software

YWith Olsera POS, cashier can continue to accept order and transact with or without data connection. Transaction made during offline will be later syncronised once your device is connected to internet.

Consolidate Transaction in Cloud

Continue to sell with Olsera POS progra and all transaction data will be collected and stored in Cloud. You can at anytime access the actual sales report according to period of time selected. No more an old fashioned cash register which requires to present at store only to manually copy the transaction data & report.

Real Time Sales Report

Don't wait, instantly know your store sales eventhough you are relaxing at home or out for a meeting oversea. Your saes report can be also exported to excel format to for producing more reports. Olsera Point of Sale is your truly business partner.
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